kurosikaku.gif (902 バイト) Rokuji-an The name of the head family of the Kampo school of calligraphy
(also the name of the family's teahouse)

rokuj.jpg (15580 バイト)

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト)
The head of the family of the Kampo school of calligraphy

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Network of Friends through calligraphy

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Calligraphy workshop (introduction)
A fundamental knowledge of calligraphy is given step by step.


kurosikaku.gif (902 バイト) Kampo Museum
/Kampo Memorial

Kampo Harada's masterpieces, Kampo collection and calligraphy from around the world are exhibited here.

bijyutukan2.jpg (13597 バイト)

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Museum
       murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Kampo Memorial

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Digital archives

The documents for studying calligraphy and general information on calligraphic culture in general are provided in this digital system.


kurosikaku.gif (902 バイト) Schools
kyousitu2.jpg (13096 バイト) murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Kampo Cultural Center (KCC) Tokyo

 GREEN.gif (850 バイト) The MG school of Latin Calligraphy
       offers courses in the Latin alphabet, a traditional art
       with 2000 years' history
   Shinwa Bldg. 2F Yonbancho 7, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0087

newyork2.jpg (16677 バイト) murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Kampo Cultural Center (KCC) New York    murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Kampo Bahal Gallery
LIGHT-GREEN.gif (846 バイト) Introducing classroom of Japanese calligraphy

        BLUE.gif (846 バイト) KCC NY
           ( See Home Page of Kampo Cultural Center NY)

              31, Bond St., New York, NY., 10012 U. S. A.


kurosikaku.gif (902 バイト) KAMPO PRODUCTS Sales Department

 GREEN-maru.gif (900 バイト) mail order      kuromaru.gif (1018 バイト) direct sales store
jirin.jpg (8961 バイト)

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Publications
murasakimaru.gif (981 バイト) Kampo School Character Dictionary by Kampo Harada
murasakimaru.gif (981 バイト) Japanese and Chinese calligraphy textbook by Kampo Harada

murasakimaru.gif (981 バイト) Latin calligraphy textbook by Muriel Gaggini
murasakimaru.gif (981 バイト) KYOTO JOURNAL    kuromaru.gif (1018 バイト) Multimedia

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) Course materials murasakimaru.gif (981 バイト) Writing tools for Latin calligraphy
ranpu2.jpg (10237 バイト)

murasakisikaku.gif (891 バイト) KAMPO ARTCRAFTS

Master Kampo Harada's scripts are reproduced on traditional crafts in such a way that his calligraphy may be with you in your daily life.  The traditional objects of other countries are for sale as well. 


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