Textbooks on Penmanship and Calligraphy

    Here are some of them selected from more than 150 textbooks
written by Kampo Harada.

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Practical Textbook

5742Mnew.jpg (11181 バイト) syodo5.jpg (13501 バイト)
Code No. BK-5742
Manual of Superscription
for ceremonial occasions

1,365Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5439
How to Write Names

1,890 Yen(tax included)

syodo14.jpg (10918 バイト)
Code No. BK-5421
New Year's Cards
in a New Epoch

945 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5629 Kampo's Daily Lecture 

 1,575 Yen(tax included)

Textbook for Study

5017M.jpg (14964 バイト) 5041M.jpg (11849 バイト)
Code No. BK-5017
A Selection from
Excellent Poems
Closely-written in
the Standard and
Semicursive Scripts

1,050 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5041
A Basic Book of kana, Japanese Syllabic Writing

1,890 Yen(tax included)
5074M.jpg (13147 バイト) 5611M.jpg (14357 バイト)
Code No. BK-5074
Quick Learning of Anomalous Japanese Cursive Syllabics

2,100 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5611
A Model Book of Transcription on the Blackboard

3,675 Yen(tax included)

Guidebook of Life

5856M.jpg (10789 バイト) 5538M.jpg (10327 バイト)
Code No. BK-5856
Kampo's Humor Book

1,890 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5538
A Collection of
Kampo's Memorable Lectures

2,625 Yen(tax included)

Tensho   (Seal Script)

6565M-2.jpg (13251 バイト) 6637DM-2.JPG (14103 バイト)
Code No. BK-6565
Ancient Chinese
Poems Engraved on Drum-shaped Stones

840 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-6637
A Hundred Characters
of "fuku", or blessing

1,050Yen(tax included) 

Reisho   (Clerical Script)

6262M.jpg (15373 バイト) 6270M.jpg (12189 バイト)
Code No. BK-6262 "Raikihi", inscription
engraved on Confucius's Tomb Stele
Taizong's restoration
of the Temple of

945 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-6270
"Sozenhi", inscription
on a stele erected in
honor of Sozen who
suppressed the
Kokin Revolt

1,050Yen(tax included)

Kaisho   (Regular Script)

6221M.jpg (13212 バイト) 6197DM-2.JPG (14356 バイト)
Code No. BK-6221
"Kyuseikyu- reisennmei", inscription on the
Sweet Spring of the
Palace of Nine

1,050Yen (tax included)

Code No. BK-6197
Yan Pagoda Prefaces composed in praise
of the Buddhist monk Xuanzang on the
completion of his
translation of the Sutras

1,785Yen(tax included)

Gyosho   (Semicursive Script)

6247M.jpg (12785 バイト) 6557M.jpg (14307 バイト)
Code No. BK-6247
Chinese Emperors
Prefaces in praise of
translation from the
Sanskrit, engraved
with characters
selected from fine
calligraphers' scripts

1,680Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-6557
A Book of Tang
Poetry in
Semicursive Script

840 Yen(tax included)

Sosho   (Cursive Script)

6062DM-2.JPG (13281 バイト) 6138M.jpg (14109 バイト)
Code No. BK-6062
"Shofu", Sun Guoting's Essay on Calligraphy

1,470Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-6138
"Jijocho", Huai Su's manuscript in
wild-cursive style

1,365 Yen(tax included)

Exercise Book

5766M.jpg (13625 バイト) 5660M.jpg (13439 バイト)
Code No. BK-5766
A Model Book in Red
the Japanese

1,050Yen (tax included)

Code No. BK-5660
Exercises of
hiragana for
Quick Learning

1,050 Yen(tax included)

Textbook for Exercise

6004M-2.jpg (12771 バイト) 5231M.jpg (10872 バイト)
Code No. BK-6004
Kampo's Exercise
Models in Semicursive

1,470 Yen(tax included)

Code No. BK-5231
Kampo's Models for
Hanging Scrolls
Spring & Summer)

3,780Yen(tax included)

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