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The following articles can be purchased by mail order.
Orders may be placed either through the Internet or by telephone.

The articles can be also purchased at direct sales stores.

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    Calligraphy Lamp

          Kampo's Paper Lantern /
        Kampo's Lamp / etc.

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           Tea Cup / Tebiki Cup /
         Mug / etc.

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           Letter Paper / Brief Note Paper /
         Card withPressed Flowers /
         Large Square Poetry Card
         Marbled with Chinese Ink / etc.


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    Paper Crafts

           Luncheon Mat of Momigami Paper /
         Oil Absorbent Paper / etc.

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    Fabric & Ornamental Fan

           Handkerchief "Dreamland" /
           Handkerchief with Fine Pattern /
           Towel "Cleansing one's Soul" /
           Ornamental Fan / etc.

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    Lacquer Ware Ornaments, etc.

             Frame for shikishi,
               a large square poetry card /
             Frame for tanzaku,
             a strip of elegant paper /
           Folding Screen to Mount tanzaku /
           Folding Screen to Mount shikishi /

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