Calligraphy Lamp

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Code No. F-012
Kampo's Paper Lantern

(with assortment of washi, Japanese paper, in different colors for replacement)

12,600Yen (tax included)

A poem by Ono-no-Komachi in

          "One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets":

Hana no iro wa
The blossoms's tint is washed away
Utsuri ni keri na
By heavy showers of rain;
Itazura ni
        My charms, which I once prized so much,

Waga mi yo ni furu
        Are also on the wane-
Nagame seshi ma ni.
Both bloomed, alas! in vain.

( tr. by W. N. Porter)

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Kampo's Lamp

44,100Yen(tax included)   each

Code No. E-037-1:
   (Calligraphic Taste)"

                    (See the picture)  

Code No. E-037-2:
"Choraku Bannen
  (Long Happiness Forever)"

( made to order)

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Kampo's Lamp (large)

"Choraku Bannen
  (Long Happiness Forever)"

(article for reference)

(Please inquire if you desire to buy one.)

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Code No. F-013:
Handmade Japanese Paper
        (assortment of 6 pieces)

3,150Yen (tax included)

An assortment of Japanese paper
on the right of the picture
(not including the lamp stand)
will allow you to make your original shade
with your own work of calligraphy.

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