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Code No. E-001E-005:
Tea Cups (5 kinds)

840Yen (tax included)each

Code No. E-001:
"Ichidan Issho
   (One Chat, One Smile
      - meaning a friendly talk)"  (See below)

Code No. E-002:
"Zuiki Hankaku
    (Attended with a Tortoise,
      Accompanied by a Crane)"
    (Crane and tortoise are both symbols of longevity and happiness.)
Code No. E-003:
"Sanshi Suimei
     (Purple Hills, Crystal Streams
        -evoking the image of a peaceful and beautiful landscape)"

Code No. E-004:
"Kinshu Soju
     (Japanese Zither and Spirits,
       Hand in Hand with Longevity
        -describing the joy of life by
       "playing the zither and drinking sake",
         both in harmony with a long life)"

Code No. E-005:
"Chosei Furo
      (Live Long, Not Get Old)"

051M.jpg (10143 バイト)

Code No. E-006:
Tebiki Cup
     (Happiness and Longevity)"

1,890Yen (tax included)

052M.jpg (9863 バイト)

Code No. E-007:
Tebiki Cup
"Emi, or Sho (Smile)"

1,890Yen (tax included)

053M.jpg (9443 バイト)

Code No. E-008:
Tebiki Cup
"Wa Ki Do
   (Harmony, Soul, Action)"

1,890Yen (tax included)

054M.jpg (9305 バイト)

Code No. E-009:

1,050Yen (tax included)

055M.jpg (9464 バイト)

Code No. E-010:
A Cup and Saucer

1,680Yen (tax included)

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