Paper Crafts

031M.jpg (9193 バイト)

  (5 pieces)      840Yen (tax included)

015M.jpg (7886 バイト)

Code No. A-017:
Cards for Handwritten Names

  (30 pieces)     

567Yen (tax included)


D-1M.jpg (11043 バイト)
007M.jpg (9826 バイト)

Code No. A-007
Oil Absorbent Paper

   (50 pieces)    

315Yen (tax included) each

Code No. A-007: White
            (See the picture below)
     "Some people forget

Code No. A-008: Cream
     "No one will shake his fist

Code No. A-009: Brown
     "People are often ignorant that

Code No. A-010: Turquoise
     "If you love, you will be loved;

Code No. A-011: Pink
     "I'm doing my best;

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