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    "Chofu Banri,
      Going Afar on the Wind

     -Kampo Harada's Journey of

A long film of 75 min.
Code No. V-001 : 3,150Yen (tax included)

A short film of 30 min.
Code No. V-002 : 2,625Yen (tax included)

French version (narrated in French)
Code No. V-006 : 3,150Yen (tax included)

English version (superimposed dialogue in English)
Code No. V-007 : 3,150Yen (tax included)

bunV.jpg (28340 バイト) Video
       "Roots of the
           Four Treasures"

Code No. V-003 : 2,625Yen (tax included)
MG-10.jpg (31366 バイト) Video
       "The Art of Calligraphy
                     by Muriel Gaggini"

Code No. MG-005 : 4.095Yen (tax included)
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CD "DRA YANG"   by the
          Tibetan Institute of
           &     Performing Arts (TIPA)

Code No. V-004 : 2,100Yen (tax included)

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