Latin calligraphy textbooks by Muriel Gaggini


MGbook4M.jpg (9422 バイト)

MG-001  Italic textbook 

¥4,250(tax included)

MG-006  italic exercise books 

¥3,250(tax included

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MG-VL.jpg (57063 バイト)

code : MG-005

Video "The art of Calligraphy
                       by Muriel Gaggini"

(Japanese version)

\4,095 (tax included)

MGposterA-S.jpg (34487 バイト) Code No. MGP-A:

Calligraphy Poster

Alphabet Samples:
The Development of the Latin alphabet
from Antiquity to present

  Seven-colour   printing

        \3,675(tax included)
MGposterB-S.jpg (35080 バイト) Code No. MGP-B:

Calligraphy Poster
A heraldic map of Switzerland
 Seven-colour   printing     51.0cm×69.0cm
           \3,675(tax included)
MGposterC-S.jpg (42656 バイト) Code No. MGP-C:

The origin of tea bags

 Five-colour   printing

            \2,100(tax included)

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